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General Contracting

Prime contracting

Building construction

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General Contracting

Our general contractor activity is based on the plans we have at our disposal, in an ongoing cooperation with the client and the designer. Our task is to coordinate and supervise the work of individual professional areas, from structural engineering through building engineering to the build-up of low voltage systems and finally to the completion of the project. Our company is able to provide all the conditions for general contracting.

Our preparatory engineers and our purchasing department prepare the tasks observing all the customer requirements. Our site managers are trained engineering professionals who complete the carefully prepared projects with great precision. We use our own workforce and subcontractors whose work is continuously monitored to perform our tasks.

Prime contracting

With the help of our experienced designers and designers, we design and build the construction of the customer's ideas while accounting for quality, functionality, durability, energy efficiency and environmental protection.

For our clients, the most rewarding solution is when our company is in control of the implementation of design and construction tasks and responsibility, as well.


Building construction

The complexity of Kalotherm Co. Is strengthened by the fact that it operates under the wing of its subsidiary a construction team with great professional experience. Our main activity is the construction of general reinforced concrete structures, special and curved, custom formwork and composite forms, as well as the construction of facade concrete, which largely complies with today's architectural trends. Shutters for the structures are provided by our professional partners like PERI and DOKA.

With the reliable, skilled, 100-150 strong staff we intend to be at the forefront of innovative investment activities, use modern technologies to fully meet customer needs.

Doors & Windows

They say the eye is the mirror of the soul. We believe that the aesthetic doors and windows are the house's eye, which opens a window to the world.

The high-quality Kalotherm doors and windows uniquely frame the outside view while protecting our home from environmental impacts.

The high quality and appearance of windows and doors made by Kalotherm Co. in its own factory and installed by its staff meet the strictest requirements.

Additionally, with custom-color foil coatings – from woody to aluminum-like solutions – are also at the forefront of trends.


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